Price Pockets  Price Pockets can be manufactured to fit any size cards and made from any of our standard vinyl colors. Screen printing and hole punching are available.

Envelopes  Vinyl Envelopes and Flight Bags can be manufactured from any of our standard vinyl colors. These products can be screen printed, debossed or foil stamped to add a custom touch to your project.

Vinyl Chip Holders  Chip Holders are made from Clear Vinyl with sealed compartments to hold different types of sample chips such as wood or metal. We can customize to fit your needs. Add samples to your 3-ring binder or header by allowing us to drill for you.

Swatch Headers  Vinyl or Cased Headers are available. Headers can be designed to hold any size sheet, envelope, chip holder or price pocket. Plastic handles, rope & cord handles, as well as leather handles available to make carrying your header easier. Snap & Strap closures are available to keep the content of your header safe.

Vinyl Headers  Choose from any of our standard or special vinyl colors and imprints. Screen print, deboss or foil stamp for a custom look. Padded board will add Screw posts & caps are available up to 5" and can be added onto with 1" extension posts for a larger capacity header.

Turned Edge Headers  Cased Headers can be produced from a 4 color litho sheet with 1.2 gloss/matte film lamination or from one of the many casing materials that we carry. Screen Print, Deboss, Foil Stamp as well as tipping of a printed sheet are all available decoration options.